Environmental Efforts

<Basic Environment Concept>

We are a planning/development Type Company that insists on quality, constantly challenges ourselves to be creative, creates products that satisfy our customers, and procures/sells environmentally safe products. We will continue to promote business activities that make effective use of limited resources and protect the global environment.

<Business Conduct Policy>

1. As a trading company that stands between our customers and their subcontractors, we recognize our mission to plan and develop products that actively promote business development, provide quality goods, and strive for green procurement and sales emphasizing the importance of protecting the global environment.

2. Throughout our company activities, we are endeavoring to set environmental protection goals, comply with environment related laws and regulations, maintain rules and standards, and strictly enforce and improve environmental control.

3. In order to preserve the environment, we will investigate/study the effects of business activities on the environment to reduce the load on the environment, reduce resource and energy, reduce container volume, and promote recycling.

4. We will thoroughly educate our employees on the importance of environment protection, improve their awareness, increase cooperation with the local community, actively disclose information, and participate and contribute to the protection and support of the environment.

October 1, 2003
Satoshi Chikuni, President,
Koshin Kogyo Co. Ltd.

ISO14001 Certification

Koshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Head Office) has obtained ISO14001 (JICQA.E852) certification on May 27, 2004.

Certified May 27, 2004
Renewed May 27, 2010
Certified by JICQA (JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.)
Registration No. E852
Applicable standards JIS Q 14001: 2004 / ISO 14001: 2004
Scope Business and accompanying activities related to wholesale of metal processing products, resin products, and rubber processing parts.

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