CNC Automatic Gear Measuring Machine

Osaka Seimitsu Kikai CLP-35

Enables quick, fully automated measurement of tooth profile, lead, pitch and run out of various gears and worm gears used for precision instrument, precision machines, and vehicle mounted electronic devices. Enables highly reliable and accurate data measurement from gear lead measurement to data analysis. Facilitates comparison of gears with JIS standard, demonstrating its value in worm gear precision analysis and quality control.

Gear Rolling Tester

Nippon ITM DF-10

Rapidly measures gear meshing precision based on JGMA standards. Also capable of measuring meshing error between a worm gear and worm wheel. Supports quality assurance of meshing precision which is an important quality element for gears.

Surface Texture and Contour Analysis Integrated Measuring Instrument


Measurement for Surface Roughness and analysis for Shape/Profile of precision parts.This enables Gear/ Worm Gear surface roughness measurements and also for small roundness of teeth tip and bottom.

Coordinate Measuring Machine


This CMM can measure not only horizontal and vertical height, also measure complicated shapes. By state-of-the-art visual processing, this CMM can non-contact measure with high-definition, high-accuracy & high-speed also has function of contact touch probe. This CMM contributes to improve accuracy and reliability of your products.

XRF Analyzer

SII NanoTechnology SEA1200VX

XRF analyzer meets demands for screening inspection and compliance with RoHS/ELV as well as advanced analysis. Capable of rapidly measuring contained chemical substances so that we can verify that our products are environmentally safe.

Toolmaker's Microscope

Mitsutoyo MF-176-522

Used to measure locations difficult to measure by contact type microscope.
We utilize it for quality assurance during development and acceptance test for new products.

Gear/Worm Gear Design Software

Amtec Worm Gear Design
G-BOX GR Design

We provide support for designing of gears and worm gears. We are ready to provide advice and satisfy your needs starting from the design phase.


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