Koshin Kogyo's Progress Through Global Expansion

From the supply of high quality precision parts to the solution emphasizing strict cost control, Koshin Kogyo has grown into a "solution solving technology trading company" that responds to the needs of the customer.

Beginning with the procurement and distribution channels for China established in Hong Kong in 1997, we have continued to establish local corporations since 2011 with South Asian hub KKS (Koshin Kogyo Singapore) and our production operation center KKI (Koshin Kogyo Indonesia).

In addition to our solution solving capabilities as a supplier with advanced technology and extensive expertise, we will continue to work actively as a trading company that is a management company capable of managing production. We also rely on our established sales and procurement structure operating throughout Asia, with offices in South Asian countries.

Koshin Kogyo Hong Kong (KKH)

Koshin Kogyo Singapore (KKS)

Koshin Kogyo Indonesia (KKI)

Our Strengths

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