Gear Train Noise Reduction

With the increasing market demand to reduce noise, we have focused our attention to the reduction of noise from motors and drive gear trains, through analysis and development of our own gears. We also accumulated data and verified the effect through academic-industrial collaboration.


We independently perform research and development of tooth shapes as well as the selection and combining of gear materials.

We evaluate and analyze those results through academic-industrial collaboration in order to accumulate our own knowhow.
We can satisfy the customer's request to reduce noise and start from the design phase to determine the gear, gear train, and center distance, perform sound pressure measurements in a soundproof chamber, and suggest the best solution based on our research.

High Precision and Low Cost

Multi cavity molds and auto recovery systems (an example)
For resin molding, we provide steady quality, low cost, high precision products using 16-cavity molds equipped with a special degassing mechanism (succeeded in 24 hour unmanned operation). Furthermore, our own custom design machines automatically recover the product from the mold without dropping, group them by cabinet and pack them into trays.


These are just few examples of our efforts to collaborate with manufacturers and adopt various innovations to improve our process and delivery high quality products at low cost.
We believe we can contribute to your value analysis and engineering.

Out-In / Out-Out consulting
for overseas production

We can reduce your procurement cost by utilizing our offices in Asia (Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan) and our extensive network of cooperating manufacturers.


We select the best locations to deliver high quality products at low cost through simple distribution networks delivering products made overseas directly to Japan or to your specified location. We also procure and assemble various products locally to reduce your production cost.


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